Gradiva Coastal Glow | Diamond Bracelet | 18K Gold

SKU: B31712

Elevate your elegance with Gradiva's Coastal Glow Diamond Bracelet. This luminous masterpiece seamlessly blends the allure of 18K gold with the scintillating beauty of diamonds, vibrant bice green, and coral stones. This exquisite bracelet captures the essence of coastal splendor with its radiant design, reminiscent of glistening waves and sun-kissed shores.

The diamonds, meticulously set to maximize their brilliance, form a captivating arrangement that evokes the shimmering coastal waters, while the bice green and coral stones add a burst of color and charm. Gradiva's Coastal Glow Diamond Bracelet symbolizes refined taste and luxury, destined to be cherished as an enduring heirloom, embodying the timeless allure of the coastal glow that captivates hearts and ignites admiration wherever you go.

Color: 18K Rose Gold



Gradiva designs and manufactures high jewelry according to the highest quality standards. All diamonds go through a careful selection process by Gradiva's gemstone experts with 50+ years of expertise. Gradiva only uses highest quality color and clarity graded diamonds.
Gradiva jewelry comes with a lifetime cleaning and maintenance warranty. Each piece is delivered with its genuine fine / high jewelry certificate.
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